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The Campsite


Pitches are in the middle of a beautiful meadow with a carefully mown pathway leading to your own space.

Pithead Campsite is perfect for family camping.  Your pitch is in an intimate space, surrounded by wild flowers and grasses, and plenty of safe, child friendly space for children to run around in the great outdoors. 

Children and well-behaved dogs are welcome to come and enjoy this lovely corner of East Devon. 
We allow small BBQ/fires in your space but PLEASE they MUST be off the ground!  We have a couple of braziers available to borrow, but it's best to bring your own and don't forget the charcoal!
We have the communal firepit and BBQ available too. 
We don't take caravans but smaller campervans are welcome to stay in the opposite field. There are no hook-ups.



Pithead Campsite values the environment and does all it can to support our precious eco-systems.  For those interested in eco-holidaying we have recycling facilities, a solar powered fridge and USB port, compost toilet and follow our social media for promotions of local, sustainable businesses who support the same ethos.  Please help us help the environment by keeping to the paths and leaving the site litter free.


At the heart of the campsite is the communal bar and fire-pit.


Included in your camping fee is access to all the facilities at the communal  rustic bar: an industrial cooker, large sink and tap, recycling facilities, basic kitchen utensils, picnic crockery, pans, cutlery etc.  We can have the fridge on for a minimum of 2 days and you can use our massive BBQ and fire-pit for the ultimate camping campfire.


For a real outdoor experience we have a hot outdoor shower, so you can bathe under the stars! 

And we have 2 compost loos which were fabulously painted last year by our in-house artiste! 


Alongside the field is a grass, tennis court and although a little bumpy, it is available free for use to campers weather permitting! We have rackets and balls and a croquet set available on request!

Please feel free to use it for other games too!

We LOVE seeing it in use.



Please help us help the environment by keeping to the paths and leaving the site litter free.

We feel that cars spoil the view and atmosphere of the site (not to mention  squashing the meadow) and ask campers to unload at the gate and then park in a seperate field, next to the site.

Camping prices:

Off-peak: April-June & Sept  

  • ​ Tent up to 3 man -  £18                           
  •  Tent 4 man and above - £20 per night        
  • Camper vans - £22 per night
  • Bell Tent Hire - £90 per night

Peak: July & August  

  • ​ Tent up to 3 man -  £19                           
  •  Tent 4 man and above - £22 per night        
  • Camper vans - £24 per night
  • Bell Tent Hire - £110 per night 


  • Any additional people per tent are £3 each. 
  • Wheelbarrow of wood for the fire-pit £7
  • Fridge £1 per day for a minimum of 2 days
  • Tennis rackets and balls free (but please try and return balls as well as rackets)
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